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perma Food grade oil H1 SO70 If you cannot find the required data sheet, please send your email request to lubricants(at)perma-tec.com and we will provide it via email.

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[1] This product is exclusively for sale and distribution outside of the United States to Germisan (Reg #146972).

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for the transversal cutters: Food-grade oils, mineral or synthetic based. Different viscosities available. General greasing: AKRONEX EP2 or Millénium. Resistance to temperature and water vapour. Lubricants for processing machines. Presses, Combined plants with slotters, rotary cutters, printing units, folder-gluers...

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Food-grade or food-safe lubricant is the name given to any industrial lubricant that is considered safe for incidental contact with items that may be consumed by humans or animals, as long as it does not exceed a certain concentration.

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Searching for ISO 21469 Certified Lubricants is quick and easy. If you have any problems, please contact NSF.. For more info, visit NSF International ISO 21469 Certification Program.

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To meet constraints of respect for the environment and food standards, CONDAT also offers, for the maintenance of your agricultural machinery: biodegradable lubricants food-grade lubricants for incidental contact with food; Other associated products:

Q: What Differentiates H1, H2 & H3 Food-Grade Lubricants .

The classifications of H1, H2 and H3 distinguish different types of food-grade lubricants by what they may/may not contain and how they may be used.

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CONDAT has a range of maintenance lubricants, NSF H1 or INS approved for the agri-food industries, or any other industry requiring this approval (corrugated board…).These lubricants have been validated for incidental food contact. A food-grade lubricant (oil or grease) certified NSF H1 or INS must meet specific criteria relating to food compatibility.

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Food processing – our food-grade lubricants are authorised for use in food processing plants, including meat and poultry, food packaging and canning, confectionary manufacturers and more. Transportation – we supply lubricants, oils and greases designed for heavy-duty vehicles such as tractors, lorries, utility vehicles, road vehicles ...

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Lubricants for the food industry, certified NSF, INS for incidental food contact, heat transfer, ammonia compressor, human foodstuffs, food-grade oil and grease, slaughterhouse, canning.

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Automatic lubricants BESLUX LUBE. Automatic lubricants BESLUX LUBE ... Degreasers. Degreasers. Aerosols. Aerosols. Automotive. Automotive. Ranked vaselines. Ranked vaselines. Assembly pastes. Assembly pastes. Food grade greases. Food grade greases. Biodegradable greases. Biodegradable greases. Steel greases ... En esta web utilizamos cookies ...

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Lubricants for corrugators. on the bearings of the single-face rollers of the corrugator (pre-heaters, gluers): fluorinated greases or H1 for incidental food contact.Long-term lubrication at very high temperature. for the lubrication of the slitter-scorer knives: MITRA oil H1 adapted for incidental contact with food. for cleaning the corrugated cylinders: Roll Cleaner, H1 oil adapted for ...

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The speed factor indicates the permissible bearing speed range for lubricants. The perma lubricant overview indicates the max. speed for grease lubrication of deep groove ball bearings. The n x dm factor is a criterion for the selection of the grease taking into consideration bearing size and operating speed.

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perma Food grade oil H1 SO70 . If you cannot find the required data sheet, please send your email request to info(at) ... Safety and technical data on lubricants can be sourced from the related lubricant company. If you cannot find the required data sheet, please send your email request to info ...

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International specialist in industrial lubricants for 160 years. Condat, an independent group of French origin, formulates and produces a very wide range of lubricants for the world of industry.

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Global lubricant markets have seen a dramatic rebound since the global economic recession of 2008–2009. At that time, global demand dipped to its lowest point since the latter half of the 20th century, but has since surpassed its previous high mark set in 2007. One of the key drivers of this rebound can be attributed to Asia, where the developing economies of emerging markets are fueling the ...

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The CONDAT range of lubricants specifically intended for the food industry meet the standards and requirements that preserve the health of the consumer while ensuring quality technical performance for the correct operation of the machines.

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Lubricant Cross Reference . Viscosity. [email protected]/ [email protected] QA Lubricants. Mobil. Shell. Chevron. Castrol. 76. Anti-Wear Hydraulic Oil

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Grupo CONDAT; Campos de aplicación Agricultura Alambres y cables de acero Aluminio y aleaciones Cables y alambres no ferrosos Caña de azúcar Constructores / OEM Estampacion Estampacion en frio Extrusión de aluminio Ferrocarril Fundición Impermeabilización y consolidación de suelos ... Lubricants for agriculture ...