About B & É

OK so let’s talk a ‘little’ about us then …

First we is Bekkie & Jay

( Not Bodie & Éowyn  ;)  )

this is us in action ….


We live in Cornwall and travel all over the UK ( & abroad on destination weddings if you fancy ! ) photographing beautiful, romantic, quirky, alternative, and unique weddings…… and we LOVE it !

So who exactly is Bodie & Éowyn then?

Well Bodie is our eldest sons middle name, and Éowyn is our daughters middle name (yes we love a bit of lord of the rings!)

and HOW do you pronounce that exactly???

(Cause lets face it unless you are a fabulous pair of point break and lord of the rings fans you’re not gonna have a clue are you ! and it’s a right bugger when you want to phone us and make sure you have the right people ! )

Well Bow (as in BOWtie ) Dee , and AY (as in hay without the H ) o – win



and why exactly is our business named after them?

Well apart from the obvious we kinda like the names they are a bit cute and quirky,  jay will tell you I get bored very easily (proof is apparently in the front room in our house which I have redecorated on average every 18 months since we moved into our house 11 years ago). Anyways I digress, basically we named our wedding photography business after our kiddies because I didn’t want to get bored of our business name (it’s happened twice before already since we started out 9 years ago), and we figured, name the business after the kids and well you can’t possibly go off the name can you … or at least thats the plan and so far, so good, which I suppose it as good for our kids as our business so yay WIN WIN !


So names aside what else would you like to know about US and who we are?

We love taking photos mostly of other people, our kiddies, and food mmmmm, he also snaps cars, and I moonlight as my alterego through Bambino Art Photography.

We like going out for good food and drinks (he’s a wine guy and I’m strictly a mojito kinda gal)

We go to the cinema far to often and are kind of obsessed with films (hence the film references in our kids names)

We met when I was 17, and he was 20, got engaged 7 days after we first met and at the time of writing this have been married for 12 years. Needless to say we are both hopeless romantics at heart,

We have four children, and a dog, they are all as loud and messy as each other … and our house is always a little crazy.

So apart from capturing your guys memories for you what do we live for, what do we do WHO ARE WE ? …

Well we live for bbq’s at the beach on sunny afternoons watching the sun go down with the kids, vinyl that jumps just a bit to often, sand under our toes, sun on our back, exploring in our camper van, jumping in the puddles still and seeing who can swing higher on the swings, and always holding hands when walking down the street, and turning our phones off when we go out for dinner (occasionally ;)).

What do we still want to do in-between the memory snapping …

Travel Europe with the kiddies (We do a leg every summer holidays) , drive route 66 , photograph a whole holiday on film, and on polaroid, move into the countryside and own a plot of land where we can grow vegetables and have chickens, and a eco office to work from , sky dive, put all of our last 12 years together in to photo books, learn another language, drive a shelby mustang, welcome an alaskan malamute into our family, see the rolling stones in concert where they actually sing angie or wild horses, I want to learn to play the piano, and he just wants to me finish decorating the bloody front room ! :)

Ok Technical stuff …

We carry four cameras, at the moment they are 5d mk3, a 7d, and 2 5d’s

Lots of canon lenses but our favourites at the moment are the 50mm , 24-70mm, 70-200mm and the 18mm fish eye

We don’t use a whole lot of flash but do have the odd experiment with off camera flash when we see a dramatic image that is just calling for it to be utilised.

We predominantly shoot documentary with a bride and groom photoshoot slotted in during the day. We do like to do a few family group shots for you but usually limit this up to a maximum of ten so it doesn’t take up too much of the day, or disrupt the natural flow of the day.

We do do albums (and they are utterly fabulous ! ) they are ordered after you have had your usb of images.

Mostly we love photographing your memories in a natural relaxed documentary style , blending in to the background when needed, lending a helping hand if ever needed, and capturing all the unique fun and beauty of your fabulous day from two alternative view points, helping you to remember the moments you loved, and capture the moments you may of missed !

Need to know more …. check out the galleries and give us a buzz for a chat ! :)



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