The custard factory Birmingham : West Midlands engagement & wedding photographers

Jenny & Tim’s engagement shoot at The Custard Factory Birmingham : (not an) engagement & wedding photography …

What a fabulous day we had, there was drinks to be had, a vintage fair to look through (where I nearly bagged the best pair of cowboy boots EVER ) , and after a mooch around the custard factory and Fazely Studios, Dibeth for our photoshoot we headed over to the gourmet burger company to go through all the details for the big day. Was so exciting hearing all about their plans and what they had booked and sorted since the last time we saw them.



London pre-wedding engagement shoot photographer

Kirsten & Chris’s non engagement , pre-wedding photoshoot (promise to come up with an ‘official’ name for these photoshoots soon! ;) ). Kirsten & Chris are getting married at Tunnels beaches in Ilfracombe Devon next month, and as a very stark contrast from their seaside wedding and the tunnels at the beaches there, we came up with the idea of doing their photoshoot in the tunnels of london as we were meeting in London to do their pre-wedding meet up & go through all the details of their day (could write a whole other blog post about HOW excited about that day we are ;) ). I have to say this was such a fun photoshoot , after loosing my mac on the underground (turns out it was just in a different pocket of my bag than I thought it was … duh!) getting lost trying to find the elusive green-tiled tunnel, and walking the length of knightsbridge looking for the tube station (tip don’t ask for directions from anyone in london apparently lol) , I left K & C to make their way home. Eventually …. over an hour later, I found Jay and the kiddies waiting under the london eye for me at 10pm nearly because our phones all ran out of battery and I was absolutely shattered, but it was so worth it. It was lovely meeting after only chatting via email and over the phone and capturing these images for them. So loving all these ‘ not engagement photoshoots’ that we are doing at the moment. Enjoy guys and hope you love them too, really looking forward to next month – p.s did you ever find out where the green tunnel is? I’m in london in a couple of weeks for the rolling stones gig and inbetween wishing it was the 70′s and I was 18 …  it is my sole aim whilst there to find that tunnel  :) !!! Bekkie. xoxo

Jenny & Tims not engagement photoshoot at the Custard Factory in Birmingham

Another not engagement photoshoot this time at the Über cool Custard factory in Birmingham with Jenny & Tim. Can’t wait to share the rest of these as they are super special to me ; given I use to arrange to meet this gal at the bottom of the ‘Faraway Tree’ every sunday night after stopping over at our granddads!  But … even my Enid Blyton buddy has to wait her turn   ;)

Kirsten & Chris’s not engagement shoot : London

A little sneak peek of the recent NOT engagement photo shoot that we did for the fabulous Kirsten & Chris in London. Can’t wait to share more from this photoshoot, it was such good fun. Kirsten & Chris are getting married at Tunnels beaches , Ilfracombe and we decided to do a stark contrast from the seaside tunnels of the Devon beach wedding, to the Urban underground tunnels in London, we didn’t know how it would turn out as we had never photographed a wedding in London before but it was just great and we’re now über looking forward to our first London wedding photography outing !!!

Watch this space for the rest of Kirsten & Chris’s not engagement photoshoot in London soon.