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Let’s talk about YOU !!!

Why is it whenever you look on a wedding vendors information booklet they ALWAYS start of talking about themselves, surely that’s just rude right?

Now don’t get us wrong, it’s not that we don’t LOVE telling you how amazing we are at taking snaps, how fabulous our equipment is ( OMG HOW MANY MEGAPIXELS CAN OUR CAMERAS PULL OFF? ;) ) and how we most definitely started carrying a camera at the same time as our bottles when we were but babes in prams, but let’s face it, this is YOUR wedding day and although it’s nice to know that stuff, surely it’s not the most important thing to start with right?


Are you planning a day that’s full of fun & laughter, love and tears (good ones obviously!), real moments and quirky twists?

Do you want shots of you, your friends, your family, but totally don’t want to be like at that wedding last week where everyone stood around starving and bored for ages whilst the photographer(s) lost sight of what was REALLY important on your wedding day?

Are your wedding images really important to you , we love working with couples who are invested in their photography, and are wanting to try new and exciting ideas both in their pre-wedding photoshoots, and on their wedding day. This doesn’t mean you have to be dancing around in the sea or jumping in mud on your wedding day (but hey don’t let us stop you !) but rather than both of you even if you aren’t super comfortable in front of the camera (leave that bit up to us !) know how important these images are going to be, and want them to be the very best that they can be.

If you hear the word bespoke spoken in relation to anything other than a one crafted piece of perfection again, or indeed in relation to anything wedding related, are you likely to rip your hair out? (not that it’s a pet hate of mine of anything :) )

Do you range from mildly twitchy to eeek get me the hell outta here when someone points a camera in your direction?

Do you want photographers, who will listen to you, your story, your wants and worries for your day and translate that all in to beautiful creative images.

Do you want to be able to connect with your photographers as real people, not just another name on an email list of possibilities, but someone to sit down with have a chat over a cuppa & some cake, (or beer and crisps if you’d prefer!) and have a laugh with ? We know this is probably going to be up until this point in your lives, the single most special and memorable day. We want you to be at ease and relaxed with us, and to know that ultimately we feel privileged that you have chosen us to capture your memories for you and share in your day and that as much as we love having a laugh we do take that really seriously as it’s pretty major !

OK so let’s talk a ‘little’ about us then …

First we is Bekkie & Jay

( Not Bodie & Éowyn )

We live in Cornwall travelling all over the UK ( & abroad on destination weddings if you fancy ) photographing beautiful, romantic, quirky, alternative, and unique weddings…… and we LOVE it !

So who exactly is Bodie & Éowyn?

Well Bodie is our eldest sons middle name, and Éowyn is our daughters middle name (yes we love a bit of lord of the rings!)

and HOW do you pronounce that exactly???

(Cause lets face it unless you are a fabulous pair of point break and lord of the rings fans you’re not gonna have a clue are you ! )

Well Bow (as in BOWtie ) Dee , and AY (as in hay ) o – win



and why exactly is our business named after them?

Well apart from the obvious we kinda like the names they are a bit cute and quirky,  jay will tell you I get bored very easily (proof is apparently in the front room in our house which I have redecorated on average every 18 months since we moved into our house 11 years ago). Anyways I digress, basically we named our wedding photography business after our kiddies because I didn’t want to get bored of our business name (it’s happened twice before already since we started out 9 years ago), and we figured, name the business after the kids and well you can’t possibly go off the name can you … or at least thats the plan and so far, so good, which I suppose it as good for our kids as our business so yay WIN WIN !

So names aside what else would you like to know?

We love taking photos mostly of other people, our kiddies, and food mmmmm, he also snaps cars, and I moonlight as my alterego through Bambino Art Photography.

We like going out for good food and drinks (he’s a wine guy and I’m strictly a mojito kinda gal)

we go to the cinema far to often and are kind of obsessed with films (hence the film references in our kids names)

we met when I was 17, and he was 20, got engaged 7 days after the first time we met and at the time of writing this have been married for 12 years. Needless to say we are both hopeless romantics at heart,

We have four children, and a dog, they are all as loud and messy as each other … and our house is always a little crazy.

So apart from capturing your guys memories for you what do we live for ? …

Well we live for bbq’s at the beach on sunny afternoons watching the sun go down with the kids, vinyl that jumps just a bit to often, sand under our toes, sun on our back, exploring in our camper van, jumping in the puddles still and seeing who can swing higher on the swings, and always holding hands when walking down the street, and turning our phones off when we go out for dinner.

What do we still want to do …

Travel Europe with the kiddies (We do a leg every summer holidays) , drive route 66 , photograph a whole holiday on film, and on polaroid, move into the countryside and own a plot of land where we can grow vegetables and have chickens, and a eco office to work from , sky dive, put all of our last 12 years together in to photo books, learn another language, drive a shelby mustang, welcome an alaskan malamute into our family, I want to learn to play the piano, he just wants to me finish decorating the bloody front room ! :)

Ok Technical stuff …

We carry four cameras, a 5d mk3, a 7d, and 2 5d’s

Lots of canon lenses but our favourites are the 50mm , 24-70mm, 70-200mm and the 18mm fish eye

We don’t use a whole lot of flash but do have the odd experiment with off camera flash when we see a dramatic image that is just calling for it to be utilised.

We predominantly shoot documentary with a bride and groom photoshoot during the day. We do always like to do a few family group shots for you but usually limit this to a maximum of ten so it doesn’t take up too much of the day.

We do do albums (and they are utterly fabulous ! ) they are ordered after you have had your usb of images.


After 8.5 years of doing this we have learnt that the best thing really is to keep it simple, we have designed one complete package, that gets you everything you need leading up to and including the wedding day, with all the images on usb. We understand that sometimes the couples shoot can’t be taken for geographical reasons, but please be aware, we don’t discount our package if this is not taken. The couples shoot is an important part of us getting to know you, and your getting comfortable with us, and how we work. You don’t have to accept it, but it is free, and it does make the world of difference to your images on your wedding day … promise so do take us up on it if you can ! :)

Our package costs 1350 pounds

( 350 deposit with the balance spread via standing order or paid 8 weeks before your wedding )

and includes -

A pre-wedding get together and ‘not-an-engagement-shoot’ (my new pet name for our couples shoots as I hate the term engagement shoot it’s soooooo corny ! ;) ) at an agreed time and place usually around 2 months before your wedding with a selection of the images on usb.

As much telephone and emailing as you need to get everything you need from us for your big day. We really are a wealth of knowledge after so long int he industry, so really, if you have a question, whether to do with photography or anything else do give us a buzz we may well be able to help, and we do love hearing about your plans coming together ! )

Both of us from the morning/getting ready until the meal and speeches have been captured on your wedding day.

A full and complete selection of your wedding images (usually around 4-700 images depending on the details of the day) at high resolution on a pretty little branded usb to take around to show everyone how fricking awesome your day was.

(this comes with personal printing rights which means you can make as many copies for personal use for yourselves, your friends, and family as you wish.)

An online gallery or web optimised images for friends/family to be able to download for free and share on fb/twitter etc

350 is payable as a non-refunable booking fee and is required to secure your wedding date along with your completed booking form (bacs payment is easiest but you can pay by cheque if you don’t have internet banking)

The remaining balance is then either spread out in monthly standing order installments, or paid in full 8 weeks prior to your wedding date.

If you would like us to stay into the evening reception, we charge £100 per hour, for every hour you need us after your meal. We do generally stp at 10pm though as it is a very long day and we do love to give 110% all the time and find by the time 10/11pm comes we are generally frazzled.  If you have anything happening super late and need us to stay to capture say fireworks let us know and we can have a chat it may be possible for us to leave for a bit to grab a drink and something to eat and then pop back later.

If we are travelling to your wedding destination out of cornwall we charge fuel (and accommodation if needed) at cost.

We do ask politely that you feed us on the day, it is a very long day shooting a wedding, and none wants to hear the photographers tummies grumbling, and it is always very much appreciated.

Your images, depending on what time of year your wedding is will take between 2 and 4 weeks to reach you.

Albums (both tradition print, and digital coffee table books) canvas’s, framed prints, and storyboards are available to purchase after your wedding when you are in receipt of your images. We can show you examples of these when we meet up.

and thats about it, and questions or to arrange to meet up to discuss your day in more detail just send us a message through the contact link above or email/phone on the contact details at the top of this page.

Bekkie & Jay

( not Bodie & Éowyn )


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